How to Look Like a “Teen” Mom in Your Mid-20s.

June 14, 2016

A few months ago we moved to a condo and after a stay-out helper stole some of our valuables we decided to apply for a stable and faster internet connection so we can install a CCTV which our parents can view anytime.

When I approached the internet provider’s agent (I was wearing no make up), she frowned and refused to hand me the application form, “Ay Ma’am, 18 years old pataas lang po puede mag apply. May iba po ba kayong kasama?"

Realizing that she has mistaken me for a minor, (wow, a MINOR! I hope I can be mistaken as a minor 'til I reach my mid or late 30s insert #extremeskincaregoals) I blushed and said, “Ate, ikaw naman, 26 na ako this year!"

It made me feel good because years of splurging on good skin care products already had its effects. My “investments” have been worth it all along haha!

The only disadvantage of looking younger than your real age (when you're already a mom like me) is the judgmental glances from old people when I’m with my child. My child is not even throwing tantrums during those times ah! But I get this feeling that I’m being judged for being a “teen” mom.

One time an old lady even asked me "Maaga ka nag asawa noh?," and I replied "Medyo po, 26 ako ngayon, 23 po ako nag asawa." and she was surprised, "Ay! Ka-edad lang pala halos ng anak ko nung nag asawa siya.. 24 naman siya noon, akala ko teen-edyer ka pa. Ang bata ng itsura mo kasi! Nag iisa palang ba yan? (referring to my child)"

Haha! I know it is still a bit early to start a family at 23 but I really feel uneasy whenever people assume that I'm a bad mom just because I'm young or I look young! Our age doesn't really equate to irresponsible parenthood, it may be a factor but it is not the only factor! I believe no one should ever judge ANY mom, be it a single mom, young mom, lesbian mom, etc. #notoparentjudging in general, because we don't know the real story unless you live in the same house. We don't know if that mom is a rape victim, or maybe she's not even the mom she might be an aunt babysitting her niece!.

Anyway, I’ll tell another story on how I became addicted to skin care.

I started wearing contact lenses early and I used to rub my eyes a lot (when it gets itchy and irritated) Until one day a make-up artist told me (during an event where we get free make-over), “Oh my, you have a lot of fine lines (under your eyes) at such a young age. How old are you?” (the make-up artist also added "Nakakasira ng career yan gurl!")

That was when I began searching about fine lines and wrinkles and crow's feet which will come later on in every woman's life *sniff.* I learned that skin around our eyes can be 1/10th as thick as the skin on the rest of the face and due to the lesser amount of oil glands around the eyes, this part of the face is more likely to show premature signs of aging if it is neglected or in my case, if abused (by the rubbing and tugging of skin huhuhu)

I panicked because I really don’t want to look older than my real age! I avoided rubbing my eyes and started taking good care of the skin in other areas of my face from then on :p

So here are some of my self-imposed rules regarding skin care:

  • NEVER SLEEP with Make-Up On, please just don’t. And make sure you get a good cleanser, cleansing oils are super effective in eliminating make-up and dirt. Right now I am using Shu Uemura's anti/oxi cleansing oil. I'm loving it but it's quite pricey, and when it runs out I cannot afford to buy another immediately so I might try Bioré's cleansing oil next and I'll post my reviews here :) After cleansing oils, I sometimes use a moisturizing foam cleanser to make sure my face is 100% clean and ready to get a good night's rest (with its moisturizers of course.)
  • AVOID RUBBING YOUR EYES and if you're wearing contact lenses, make sure to bring eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated so you won't unconsciously touch the skin around your eyes.
  • TONE. After cleansing, I use toners to prep my skin so it can absorb the moisturizer well. Some skin care brands offer emulsion, serum and masks, I am not yet an expert but in the days to come, I will do my best to learn about those and I will surely share them with you. Right now I have Laneige's New Essential Care Trial Set - Moisture. I'll do my best to post a review soonest! :)
  • APPLY MOISTURIZER AND EYE CREAM BEFORE YOU SLEEP, as I always tell myself, prevention (of wrinkles) is better than botox. - tweak this rule to applying moisturizers when you wake up too when you're in your 30s already. I plan to start applying moisturizer both morning and night after I reach 30 :) Right now I only apply thick layers of moisturizers at night, during the day if I'll wear make up, I just dab a small amount of moisturizing kind of toner, let it dry, then apply CC or BB cream (because these creams already have moisturizing properties plus sunscreen daw eh). It works well so far, if I put on heavy moisturizers before make-up my foundation becomes flaky kasi eh :(
  • DRINK LOTS OF HYDRATING FLUIDS. Avoid soft drinks and alcohol. I'm on extended breastfeeding so I drink tons and tons of water everyday haha! But even before I got pregnant, I believed drinking the right amount of fluids will benefit our skin.
  • HAVE A POSITIVE OUTLOOK IN LIFE AND EAT STRESS FOR DESSERT. Stress is a part of life, but let's make sure it doesn't show on our faces ;)

Did I miss something? Please let me know if you have other skin care tips and tricks to share! Thank you for dropping by :)

Disclaimer: There are other factors which can cause premature aging such as smoking, genetics, pollution, unhealthy diet, stress, serious medical condition and medications but at least you get one covered when you are diligent with your skin care routine :) I'm doing my best in all those other areas too :)

Another disclaimer: I don't claim that I always look young and fresh, I have bad hair days and bad skin days too. So please don't really expect me to look 10 years younger if you see me around. I might be running after my toddler when you see me and I might look like a zombie to you. Hehehe.

Altogether girls and mommy friends, let's take good care of ourselves. Ultimately, I believe that a good heart and a happy disposition (partnered with skin care) are the best secrets to feeling and looking young.

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  1. I totally agree with you on this! :)

  2. What about SPF, the most important of all?!

  3. Thanks for reminding me! Haha. I usually depend on my BB cream's SPF so I forgot to mention sunscreen :)))