My "WHY" on Blogging

June 10, 2016

I've always wanted to create and maintain a blog, I tried a few times in the past but I was not able to sustain it. I just couldn't find the time to update my blog or to think of new things to write about. Surprisingly, my desire to blog coupled with the determination to consistently update it kept on coming back! I think this is because I found more reasons to write and share.

My baby, Cia, is now transitioning into toddler-hood. It's true, what they say, that the days are slow but the years are fast. In fact, last night was the third time she had to sleep over at her Mima/my mom's house. Another milestone because this time she didn't look for me (I prepared her emotionally by telling her many times that she will be spending the night at her Mima's), cry or ask for dede before sleeping. We're on extended breastfeeding by the way. And judging from the separation anxiety I felt last night I was the emotionally unprepared one. It's bittersweet and I just want to somehow preserve this feeling. Someday I want a blog to go back to so I can refresh all the crazy paranoid things my mommy brain thinks about plus all our mommy-daughter moments.

I have no regrets. I'm so glad that I savored every moment with my child, I breastfed her and stayed at home most of the time (at the expense of being super delayed in my studies - I have to spend around 3 to 4 more semesters in law school, and I've been in law school for 4 years already, I'm literally taking baby steps in law school because I cannot focus on it while being a full-time, yaya-less mom), we tried babywearing (oh, I miss those times when I could still carry her for 4 hours and window shopped 'til I dropped), I painstakingly pre-washed all her cloth diapers (our househelp does the final wash - we have one who reports once or twice a week) and monitored her meals as much as I could (avoiding processed food, junk food, etc.)

I was very hands-on this way (I have no judgments to those mommies who do not breastfeed, babywear or use cloth diapers, I am just sharing my personal experience here.) Cia had no yaya after her yaya Elva left more than a year ago, whew! Imagine that, we survived without a yaya! And I survived law school so far, by taking fewer units though.

I am also very thankful for my husband, he's really one BIG blessing from God, because of all his hard work and all his efforts to maintain balance in our small family I am able to live my dream, I really love being a hands-on mom, it used to be my dream and I'm already living it now. Thankful also to my parents and my mother-in-law, who may not always be physically present in our lives but their support and love are more than enough to keep us going.

As my child slowly becomes independent, less needy and less clingy, I think I need to have a blog to maintain my sanity, lol and to have a new channel because I have more "me" time now. A blog where I can share my thoughts or ramble sometimes, post about our fun and not-so-fun activities (stay-cations, trip to the zoo or museum, etc.), share tips and tricks on skin care (stuff I'm addicted to) and make-up (stuff I'm now committed to learn, and hopefully master? lol)

Cheers! Here's to hoping I finally stick to my goal of maintaining this blog! :)


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