A Day of Family Bonding and Learning at Museo Pambata

July 14, 2016

It's almost mid-July and I'm not yet ready to go back to school on August. My previous semester in law school has been exhausting because I took a full load then half way through the semester we got rid of our maid because we discovered she was stealing from us. All the while I was also doing some online selling (to help with our finances) and managing our household. It was a really crazy set-up heehee.

Now, my carefree days with my little love are almost over so I have been thinking of good places to visit because most of my toddler's days will be spent in the confines of our small condo once my school starts.

Last weekend, we decided to visit Museo Pambata in Roxas Boulevard. Entrance fee is P250 for children and adults. There is a 50% off for residents of Manila so my husband and toddler were able to avail of the half pricing. I didn't have a valid ID with me so I wasn't counted.

Talking to the staff at the museum, I discovered that Museo Pambata opened in 1994 and I felt it was unfair that I was never able to experience this as a child. (I remember the chinese school where I was enrolled in didn't have field trips for elementary students, maybe because they're afraid we might get kidnapped)

There are eight sections/rooms in Museo Pambata, but we were able to visit only five.

  • Kalikasan (Environment) and Karagatan (Under the Sea) - Contains a simulated rain forest, rice field and seabed where visitors can learn about environmental concerns and ecological conservation.

  • Maynila Noon (Old Manila) - Visitors can learn about history by looking at artifacts and exhibits depicting turn-of-the-century Manila.

  • Paglaki Ko (Career Options) - CLOSED

  • I Love My Planet Earth - Where visitors can learn about climate change and how one can take part in caring for the planet.

  • Pamilihang Bayan (Marketplace) - Features a row of play stores and shops. One can pretend to be a store owner and practice their entrepreneurial skills.

  • Katawan Ko (My Body Works) - Features the human body, how our different organs work in harmony to keep our bodies functioning.

  • Bata sa Mundo (Children in the Global Village)

  • Aklatang Pambata (Children's Library)

The career options section was closed and so was the children's library (door was locked.) When I asked the staff downstairs, she said we could go to the library but we were too lazy to go up again. The area showcasing children from around the world, we also didn't get to see because we did not know where it is! I didn't ask the staff anymore because my husband and toddler were already tired haha! We spent 2 hours inside the museum and I think it was really worth it. That is, if you actually take time to take a look at each and every exhibit/activity.

I'm lucky, my toddler is the curious and observant type. She kept on asking, "what's this, what's that?" She's also not the type to run around and grab at every single display but she really got scared at the big mouth entrance and intestine tunnel. She freaked out when I entered, but that didn't stop me. Haha!

However, some of the "hands-on" exhibits were not working. I hope they can fix them because I really like interactive museums, I believe children absorb and learn faster when fun play and participation is involved!

When I ask my baby Cee, "What's inside your head?" She now answers "Skull!" and "What's inside the skull?" "Brain!"
Learning a few things about our skeletal system

Bahay Kubo! :)

Oohhh... That's where the sounds come from

I don't want to spoil all the fun for you guys, so I'll stop uploading more photos hihihi, if you haven't visited Museo Pambata yet, please do!

Also, if you check their website you'll see that that they are also supporting a few causes like having mobile libraries and educating street children. Instead of bringing our kids to the mall play areas, why not bring them to Museo Pambata? Going to these kids of places make me really happy because I get to bond with my family PLUS my kid gets to learn and play!


How about you, when was your last visit to a museum? Did you enjoy as much as we did? :)

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