A Nurturing Stay at Aruga

July 23, 2016

Last month, during Father's Day, I decided to share my prize (I won an overnight stay in a two-bedroom executive suite at Aruga at the Grove by Rockwell) with my ever dearest Papa and of course my main man, my husband Carlo.


I was actually having a toxic week in law school before I discovered I won. It was during our finals week when the stay-out helper who we hired to clean and look after my toddler 3-4x a week told me she cannot report to work anymore. Grabe! So housework was piling up because the stay-out maid was MIA, there were shop inquiries that needed to be answered (I manage an online shop) and I couldn't find enough time to study (it was a disaster)!!! I was already crying from all the pressure!

Then I saw in Aruga by Rockwell's facebook page that I won (it was a raffle contest where I just had to comment why I deserved to win.) I felt like God and the universe conspired so I could have something positive to look forward to after my finals week. This helped a lot because I was inspired to give my best shot during my exams so I could really deserve this staycation with my family.

Finally, our scheduled check in date came.

We were warmly greeted by the staff at the front desk.

This photo was taken while we were waiting for the shuttle

a short but sweet ride

We rode a golf cart because the reception was in front together with the restaurants at the Grove's retail row while the place of our stay was at the back. It's only a 3 to 5 minute walk but if you have heavy bags, you really need to request for this golf cart ;)


This little girl enjoyed her ride at the golf cart/shuttle, she didn't want to get down! Little did she know, there were a lot more fun things for her to experience during our stay.

Condominium lobby

I was so excited to check our suite!

This was the living and dining area, I found myself wishing I'd win the lottery so I could buy a unit like this ASAP!  lol

The two-bedroom executive suite has a floor area of 108sqm, lots of room for a toddler to roam around.

 This sala is more beautiful and spacious when you see it in perso

The kitchen was spacious as well :)
Complete with cookware and utensils
pots and pans
My toddler was impressed :p
The other bedroom :)

After a few minutes, we went to eat late lunch at the Grove's Retail Row. We chose Asakusa, Home of Tempura. After lunch, we spent a few minutes back in our unit resting and watching TV until our Little Miss reminded us of our promise to take her swimming.

 The receptionists told us that the pool area was around 700 sqm and the kiddie pool was 500 sqm. I think the pool will never be too crowded because of its size!
daddy-daughter bonding <3
Yes, she stayed in the pool for a loooong time

Back at the suite, we were able to wash and dry our swimsuits (for free because our suite had a washing machine and dryer) so we didn't have to carry wet clothes in our  baggage. Yay!

Grocery shopping with Lolo and Mamu at Rustan's Fresh at the Grove

The staff assisted us with the groceries

When we returned to our suite, my Papa cooked dinner for us. He was able to buy ingredients for his signature spare ribs and buttered shrimp (We were too hungry to take pictures of our food. Hihihi...) Thanks to the Rustan's Supermarket conveniently located at opposite of the Grove's Retail Row.

Our chef for the night

with two of the greatest dads in the world <3

Our overall experience was great, Aruga at the Grove made us feel at home and true to its name, we really felt "nurtured" during our stay. The staff, amenities and the community at the Grove gave us a sense of place and belongingness. Here, you would have a strong desire to stay for a longer period of time, if not permanently.

Given the time and opportunity, we shall surely come back! :D

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  1. Oh my I feel you with all the stress tapos wala pang mag-alaga sa bagets! Hehe! You really deserve that stay! :) The place is super nice and really spacious! May kitchen pa! Looks like all of you really enjoyed :)

  2. Wow, I love how this suite looks and sa Rockwell. I'd be checking it out, want to try the pool.

  3. Yes, the pool is super worth the visit! :)

  4. Wow a suit with a kitchen and complete pa is really cool. I wonder we have one like that here in Cebu too.

  5. It is always pleasing to stay in a place where you feel you belong. I bet you all had a great time. The place is so spacious.

  6. Yes indeed! You should visit sometime ^_^

  7. Maybe when you visit Manila you can stay in Aruga too, I think they have weekly rates :)

  8. Thank you :) I think we moms deserve a staycation from time to time because it's a treat if we don't have to think about house chores ;)

  9. Wow you're so lucky! And your suite looks so spacious and elegant. This is a definitely a hotel to check out. I'm sure you had a great time!

  10. wow! I love it! Sana we could get to experience the same too!

  11. Sorry, but I am stuck at "Spare ribs" lol. But the place looks so nice, congratulations on winning!

  12. Oh what a lovely gesture and game din ang papa mo ha. He's ready to have fun with your family and even cooked his signature dish! :)

  13. We really deserve a break given the different tasks on our plate. Good for you, you're able to enjoy a break free of accommodation. By the way, I like the pool! Sooooo huge.

  14. Awesomel! I wish I'd win a staycation too, hehehe! Just dreaming. Thank you for sharing.

  15. MIA helper was truly a disaster! I feel you... Thankfully you have the opportunity to relax and re energized before going back to house chores and studies. Kainggit! Staycation would somehow fall on my to do list... at the right time! LOL

  16. I had a chance to explore the place last summer when I was invited me an event there. It's really a nice development. You're so lucky you won the staycation. I wanted to win it too!

  17. The pool looks so nice! Looks like an ideal place for a staycation. 😊

  18. wow! This is super nice! Perfect for family staycation and a short destressing from a tiresome week at work. I wish we could also visit this place one day!

  19. WOW at the amenities and swimming pool at Aruga! I've only seen it on bill boards..

  20. Lady Anne Louise BarrunAugust 1, 2016 at 5:03 PM

    The place looks really nice and comfy. I love their pool because it's too big. I hate crowded pool kasi. I'm happy you won that raffle contest. It's very timely for you to relax in a while.

  21. What a lovely staycation! And it's so sweet of you to bring not just your family but also your Papa for Father's day.

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