Our short visit to Ark Avilon Zoo

July 08, 2016

Mommy guilt kicks in from time to time. At home, I tend to run out of ideas on how to keep things interesting for my toddler. And it makes me feel guilty because I don't always want to interact with my child, there are days when I'm too drained and lazy to play with her, read books or even talk to her. I know I am responsible in making my child reach her full potential during her formative years and this kind of pressure bugs me sometimes. It also makes me wish we have a big household or lots of family members because there will be more people to help keep my toddler amused and I can at least have a breather. (We are yaya-less, I only hire a stay-out maid who helps with general cleaning and laundry twice or thrice a week and she's often absent! Haaay)

So here I am, constantly on the hunt for places where I could bring my toddler so we can bond and where she can learn a few more things outside our small home. Good thing Metro Deal is offering discounted coupons for Ark Avilon Zoo in Frontera Verde, Pasig City. We were able to buy tickets for half its regular price (Regular price is P500, for kids below 3 feet P300)

Ark Avilon is actually a small, indoor interactive zoo and you can walk through the whole place in 30-45minutes. The two -storey building resembles the biblical Noah's Ark and the space is just perfect for small children!


This is the main entrance/exit, my toddler didn't want to enter at first because it was a bit dark on the first floor. We were there at around 2pm on a weekday.



I was not able to take good photos of the animals inside, because my toddler was really clingy! My arms were in pain the whole time because I'm petite and I can't even carry my toddler for 5 minutes without straining my muscles and lower back.

This is my toddler's worried face, she was so scared, poor baby. She was excited to go to the zoo at first but became really scared when we arrived. Maybe because the place looked gloomy on a weekday, it also looked like it was about to rain and so it was dark on the first floor.

The first floor contained some wild animals, the lion and lioness, a leopard, a black bear, meerkats and other animals which I couldn't remember because my toddler was already crying and clinging to my leg.


Her mood improved when we reached second floor, the second floor had more pet and farm animals.


Children can feed rabbits and guinea pigs here :)
Fist bump with friendly Venus

We also met Venus the Orangutan, she really knows how to entertain kids with her warm personality.


Someone is scared of birds :p

Please pardon my haggard face, I was exhausted because someone threw a fit and pulled my blouse. :p

Surprisingly, she's not afraid of big snakes :p

We have a lot more photos but I only had to choose a few to post :) Also, there are many other animals that I failed to mention and take pictures of. I highly recommend visiting this zoo if you have a toddler, it will be fun! My baby Cee still remembers her visit to the zoo and I guess she enjoyed it (even after an episode of crying and clinging to me.)

I'm a bit worried about the big animals though, I wish they had a bigger area so they could get some exercise.

Nevertheless, our short trip to Ark Avilon was memorable and we plan to visit again but next time my husband should come with us because I don't think my arms can handle carrying a scared toddler for more than 10 minutes. :p

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