Current Thoughts on Breastfeeding

August 06, 2016

Breastfeeding was hard at first. I sacrificed a lot just to be able to give my child the best milk, 100% organic and designed by God.

I had to pump every 2 to 3 hours when I’m at school or anywhere away from my baby. I had to deal with sleepless nights and I sometimes felt unproductive because all I did was feed, feed and feed. There were days when my baby doesn’t want to unlatch at all! Even going to the CR to pee was a challenge. My baby became really clingy and needy during our first year of breastfeeding.

But now at 32 months, I am grateful because breastfeeding has become very convenient. I have decided to gently wean her. When she spends the night at my mom’s house she doesn’t even look for her “dede” or me anymore. Sometimes she just drinks fresh almond milk, soya milk or fresh cow’s milk from a glass (but doesn’t demand or look for these alternatives.)

Also, because of Tamang Kain (a seminar conducted by Breastfeeding Pinays which I attended 2 years ago) I became determined to feed my child indigenous and healthy food to complement our breastfeeding. I also learned that follow-up formula milk is unnecessary for toddlers (according to WHO click this link to read source.)

Right now Cia loves to eat kamote, singkamas, gabi, sayote, labanos, carrots and malunggay. She doesn’t like to eat all the veggies mentioned in the Bahay Kubo song yet but I remember when I was her age all I wanted to eat was fried chicken. So she’s doing better than me and her taste buds are being trained well at a young age😉

Anyway, this is our first time to join Hakab Na. It is an annual event hosted by Breastfeeding Pinays (a support group on facebook where I have been a member since January 2014.) It was really amazing because when I first joined the group, there were only 16,000 members but in only 2 years the group has reached 110,000 members! I think Hakab Na is a great way to celebrate breastfeeding month and the growing number of breastfeeding moms.

Hakab Na 2016 was held in Metrotent Pasig and I heard the host said there were more or less 700 mommies who registered to join. Wow! So 700 mommies latched on their babies all at the same time (at exactly 10:30am on August 6, 2016) a while ago! And I think more mommies in other provincial venues did the same. Awesome right?

BTW, these are my take-homes from the event! The Belo Baby gift pack (containing a full-sized lotion, bar soap, baby wash and cologne) was a prize I received from a game held on facebook. I had to claim it during the event. All the rest are included in the lootbag and I only paid P250 for registration, super sulit diba?


Thank you Breastfeeding Pinays for empowering us moms and arming us with the right knowledge so we could impart this gift to our children. Breastfeeding is indeed a gift to last their life time!:)

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