Nuggets of Wisdom from Family and Finance 2016

August 04, 2016

It was a productive summer/sem break for me. I spent quality time with my baby (I shared our experience in my previous blogs - we visited Museo PambataArk Avilon Zoo and had a staycation at Aruga at the Grove by Rockwell) plus I was able to attend this year's Family and Finance event! Yay!


The Family and Finance event last week was another good bonding experience with my husband. Topics were Setting Financial Goals for Your Family, Discussing Finances as a Couple, Teaching Your Kids About Money and Understanding the Biblical Perspective on Money.

The first speaker, Mr.Randell Tiongson reminded us about our should-be objectives for our family (which we already know but tend to forget.) Then he told us to take action it doesn't matter if we're making baby steps at first. What's important is there is progress towards our goals and our purpose as a family.

From the very entertaining Mr.Chinkee Tan I learned that a couple must argue to agree and fight to reconcile because ultimately, our relationship with our spouse is more important than money.

Then, Mr.Edric Mendoza talked about a helpful topic as well, his' was on teaching kids about money. I could relate when he quoted that "sometimes the reward of hardwork is hardwork itself." I guess most of us loving parents have a tendency to be blinded because we love our children too much so we make everything easy for them and shower them with so many worldly things. The danger of this is that they may feel entitled and will take everything for granted.

We must change our mindset of "what can this world give me?" to "what can I give the world?"

And lastly, according to Pastor Joby Soriano, "God is the owner of everything we possess, controller of our lives and provider of all our needs."

I very much agree, when the pastor was sharing about this, I remembered the times when I let go and let God. I remembered seeing sick children on my Facebook news feed and felt a push to donate but I was full of hesitations because I wanted to keep ALL our money for our needs and wants. My husband Carlo is the only one working and I just had minimal income from my online selling. So every peso counts and we only had very little "extra" money.

Thoughts of how much I worked hard for the amount of money I was going to donate kept flashing back to me. Why is it so hard to let go of this money? I thought of the make up, clothes, shoes and toys for my toddler that I could buy from this money (how selfish right?)

Then I told myself that it is just money, I could always earn more and that the chance to be a blessing to others only comes once so often especially for that family where I was going to donate. I cannot bring money with me when I die. I also thought that if one of my family members were to become terminally ill, we would also need monetary help.

So after asking permission from my husband, pikit mata nalang when I online transferred money and I just prayed that the receivers be reminded of God's great love for them when they receive this small blessing. After a few days I received countless inquiries in my shop and I quickly regained the money I spent/donated. Indeed, God provides.

I am glad they had this seminar for families, even if we're Catholics we were welcome to attend. I also appreciate that the speakers we re not preachy and they were not set on converting us or emphasizing the difference in our beliefs.

Overall, it was a great experience! The seminar was an investment in itself :) My husband and I learned so much.


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