Unboxing my First Ever Beauty Box from Althea Korea

August 01, 2016

When a friend first told me about Althea, I was hesitant. I heard a lot of fake make up and skin care products being sold online and it scared me. I only buy from physical stores here in Manila. This changed when I discovered that Althea was indeed legit. It was founded in June 2015 to bridge authentic K-beauty products in SEAsians (Available in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.)

I also didn't want to buy because I still have skin care products left from my Etude House haul 2 months ago and I didn't really need to hoard on make up BUT Althea was celebrating its first anniversary and had 100% rebate on some of its items. If you were me, would you be convinced too? Hihihi..

So fast forwarding the story, my awesome box came and Tadaaaah! It was really worth the money because it came with a chance to win awesome prizes!!!

Excited to see what's inside?

Yaaay! All my orders were delivered and the catch? I spent LESS than 3000pesos! (I spent 2930pesos including shipping and processing fees lol) but helloooooo it's very much worth it because I was able to buy 2 toners (which are best-sellers), a cute super tiger face mask (because Go USTe!,) a cleanser (it has good reviews as well), wrinkle prevention/removing stick, hair treatment tube and a highlighter/shimmer stick.

Another catch?

I got a free cushion case! Yes, free! I recounted all my purchases and didn't remember ordering a cushion case! It was part of the birthday goodies that they were giving away!

But wait there's more!

I received 1130 points (the 100% rebate for ordering best-sellers) which I could use to buy more K-beauty products (1130points = 1130pesos!!)

The 100% rebate was part of their first anniversary promo and if you missed this, maybe you should wait a few more months for a generous promo like this to be available again.

And lastly, the box contained a DIY party kit! :)

Now I have to take a selfie using these cute stickers plus the party hat and balloon (all provided in the party kit) to stand a chance to win amazing prizes. The major prizes are Macbook Air, iPhone 6S/ Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS selfie camera and generous amounts of shopping credits!!!

Happiest first birthday to Althea!

Wish me luck (as I join the selfie contest) and thank you for dropping by!

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  1. Awesome gift!!! Waaaaaaaa! So envious :D

  2. I love Althea!!! They are the best. Plus we all know that Korean make ups are so good to our skin. Btw, I'm from TBDM. Got your link from there.