Why Vita Cubes is the Exception to Our No Candy Rule at Home

October 27, 2016


Before I discovered Vita Cubes, there are no candies in our home.

I know I might sound KJ but in my defense, my child's Mima/grandma already spoils her with sweet treats every weekend. When in fact, two weeks ago my mom bought a whole cake for Cee even without any occasion and told me she just couldn't resist her apo. Fortunately, Cee only ate 2 slices over that weekend.

Another reason why I regulate my daughter's intake of sweets when we're together is because we are nanny-less. I can't deal with an extra-hyper toddler especially when I have a strict study schedule to follow!

Vita Cubes came into my life at a perfect time as I was already questioning my own house rules. I was afraid depriving her sweet tooth would make her crave for it even more. I'm bothered because when she's with her Mima at the grocery, she keeps on grabbing sweets (as per her Mima's kwento.)

Last Saturday, Cee and I were lucky enough to be invited at Active Fun, BGC for the Vita Cubes 2 Good Fun Day event. It's actually my first time to attend an event for mommy bloggers and I was glad I could bring my daughter with me.

Left: With fellow mommy blogger, Ms.Celerhina of www.celerhinaaubrey.com | Right: My cutie patootie toddler and I :)

Lots of fun activities were prepared for both moms and kids. I wished my daughter could participate in the games but she cannot follow instructions yet so we just sat and watched. It was nonetheless enjoyable even for a toddler with limited attention span.

Here we can decorate our cake with Vita Cubes.

Ms.Frances of Topaz Horizon, one of my favorite mommy bloggers, was also there to give a short talk on why her kids love Vita Cubes and mentioned some fun facts about Vita Cubes!

I found out that Vita Cubes are not vitamins.

They're cube-shaped jelly candies... with vitamins! I know it might sound confusing at first, but to make it clearer I will enumerate the differences.

Vitamins for kids, like those Flintstones chewable tablets I used to take when I was a kid myself, have a dosage which should be followed. Usually one or two tablets per day. It's difficult to give this to your child because you will have to face consequences which can drive any mom crazy. You will most likely hear this phrase a hundred times "Mom, can I have more?"

Vita Cubes on other hand are not supplements because the vitamins in Vita Cubes are all water-soluble. This means you can eat lots and lots of it without getting overdosed. YAY! Another bonus is that these cube-shaped jelly candies come in five different fruit flavors - strawberry, apple, grape, orange and mango.

My toddler's favorite is orange. I like grape and apple.

I think I could also munch on these goodies when pulling an all-nighter for an exam, it'll keep me awake and healthy! Plus they don't taste too sweet so I know I would guiltlessly be stocking up on these candies.


Few hours ago before going to work, my husband did a quick maneuver and placed something in his bag. I asked him, "What's that, huh?" He whispered, "Vita Cubes!" To which I answered, "You better replace those, Cee might notice!"

See? Even my husband is growing fond of these yummy candies!

So that's it, Vita Cubes will definitely be a staple candy in our house!

Instead of giving regular candies this Halloween, I encourage you to choose Vita Cubes. Aside from having a delicious taste, Vita Cubes are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals namely Lysine, Zinc, Vitamins A, B, C and E which are all important for growing children. As their tagline goes, "Yummy has never been this healthy. Healthy has never been this Yummy!"

Sharing with you the yummy cake we decorated during the event :)

Vita Cubes is widely available at all Mercury Drug outlets, in leading supermarkets, local grocery stores and even sari-sari stores! It is not only accessible, it is also affordable. A 50-gram pack is only Php 12.00 and Php 1.00 a piece if you find it in your local convenient store! Tara na, let's stock up on these 2Good candies!

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