1st Session Review - Arm Care Program

April 05, 2017

Hello! I'm back and as promised, I will be sharing with you my experience with the "Arm Care Program" of Yakson House. This is my second program with them because I was chosen to be their beauty editor yet again, yay! 

My big arms are not proportion to my small build. I'm really hoping Golki therapy will work its wonders!

For those of you who have never heard of Yakson House before, it is a popular Korean aesthetic salon known for their signature Golki therapy which is a natural and non-invasive technique which stimulates the bone and muscles. They promote beauty and wellness in the most natural and relaxing way! If you visit their website, you'll even see that they have a research institute which aims to continuously improve their services. It's really good to know that you can trust them and that they invest in research.

Going back to Yakson House was a delightful experience. (Click here to read my previous review/the result of their Face Resizing Care Program, the first program I tried)
When I stepped in, the staff were there to greet me with their welcoming smiles and it felt like my last visit was just yesterday. Yakson House really has a homey vibe. They provided me with matching pink shirt and shorts, took photos of my arms then measured both sides for documentation.

Yakson House shirt and shorts :)

Director Yumin Kim immediately started with the Arm Golki, this is a different sequence because in the Face Resizing Care Program the relaxing massage comes first.
In the Arm Care Program, it starts with Golki therapy followed by the back or front body massage, and then another treatment which varies depending on Director Kim's assessment. During this visit I was able to experience their slimming machine; it had a ticklish feeling and had to be put on for 30 minutes.


After my first session I felt lighter. I know it's impossible to lose much weight in an instant BUT I really did feel like I already lost weight on my whole upper body! This is most probably because of the soothing massage and Golki therapy. I am looking forward to my next visit and I cannot wait to share my progress with you all!

Thank you for dropping by, should you have any questions or if you're interested to try out Yakson's beauty and slimming programs, you can leave a comment here or visit their website :)

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