Aktibo't Malakas dahil sa Nutri10Plus!

April 06, 2017

I'm one lucky momma because Cia is not really as picky as I was when I was a child myself. Haha!  I think breastfeeding helped train her taste buds! But she's not anymore an infant or a toddler who gets most of her nourishment from the breast so I have to make sure she consumes a balanced and healthy diet to reach her full potential. This is crucial because she is in her formative years where she absorbs a lot, learns a lot and has unlimited energy!

These came in at the perfect time!

She's eating tinola with sayote and malunggay!

Cia's cheat day / visit to fast food chains are scheduled during her weekend visit with grandparents. I feel a bit of guilt and I often worry that she might be too short or thin or small for her age because she doesn't always eat a balanced diet.

Good thing I was introduced to Nutri10Plus Syrup and Dayzinc!

She's giving me a thumbs up! hihi

I was actually surprised that Cia took Nutri10 Plus and Dayzinc with ease. I thought it would be difficult for me to post a review about these vitamins because when I tried giving Cia some vitamins before, she mistook them with medicine for when she's sick! She wouldn't drink even a drop!

Fortunately, Nutri10 and Dayzinc are both ponkan flavored and packed with vitamins and minerals that will help my child become aktibo't malakas!

list of active ingredients

Cee has been taking Nutri10 Plus and Dayzinc for almost a week now and she's more playful, talkative, curious, makulit... in short, energetic!
I'm really glad I have help in raising my child become healthy and more active!

In case you'd like to try these vitamins for your chikitings, Nutri10 plus and Dayzinc are available at Mercury Drugstores nationwide. Nutri 10 Plus 120ml syrup is P180 and Dayzinc 120ml is P125, Also available in 30ml and 250ml.

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