My Bad Experience at a Massage Parlor plus 5th and 6th Session Updates

June 22, 2017

I've been really busy during the last few weeks of my 2nd semester in school that I had to reschedule my appointments with Yakson. When I do that, I feel a bit deprived! Haha! I enjoy my sessions so much that rescheduling or delaying makes me feel like I'm missing out on a lot!


During my 5th and 6th sessions aside from the usual massage techniques that I have received, I was introduced to a new device.


I like that Yakson really has 3 or 4 unique procedures every time to ensure that each session will help achieve my goal more effectively.


Oh and let me tell you about that one time I had a bad experience with a massage parlor. It was a small massage parlor near our condominium and this was before I heard about Yakson House. At that time, I had no major body pains but I had a long day at school so I decided to avail of their foot spa and back massage for relaxation. The massage was nice and yes it was a bit relaxing but when I reached home I started to feel sore. My back started to ache and the pain did not go away even after a day. I remember it took around 3 to 4 days before the pain was gone. I was afraid to go back to any massage parlor after that because I believed that the staff were not experienced enough to do massage and they will only make the pain worse.

Good thing Yakson House changed this perception, it was all different with Yakson! I can vouch for them since in all my sessions, there has been no unnecessary pain or inconvenience. Sometimes the Golki therapy would hurt but afterwards I always feel lighter and better.

I think this is because Yakson invests on a research institute where they have the following areas for research:

Anatomy and Physiology Research
Studies on human body, skeleton and physiology

Golki Therapy Technique ResearchHealthy Golki therapy methods, face reduction, pronounced facial features, symmetry, clavicles, back, hip Golki therapy

Group-Specific Golki Therapy Research
Golki therapy for relieving stress, Golki therapy for growth, prenatal/postnatal/maternity Golki therapy, and Golki therapy for menopausal women.

Type-Specific Golki therapy Research
Cases studies on face, bent legs, hips, turtleneck, scoliosis, obesity

Lifestyle Research
Walk right, stand right, sit right, eat right, speak right

Nutrition Research
Study of nutritional effects, nutritional condition, and nutrients for better health of the body and mind

For additional information you may visit their main website or send a private message on their Yakson Makati facebook page.

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