Yakson's Got Your Back!

June 10, 2017

Finally! I want to shout with glee, our school semester is over! I now have 2 worry-free weeks before I try to enroll for summer classes! I hope I could blog more during my short break from school.

Anyway this post is special because I will tell you about an old friend of mine. We met almost two decades ago in elementary school and he was one of my first male friends. When we were young we mostly talked about playstation games but as we grew older I started talking to him about my crushes and heartbreaks while he still talked about games. He was a late bloomer and I liked his childish and innocent views in life. Plus, he was the only person who truly cared for me, listened to me and didn't try to hit on me or if he did try, he didn't leave when I told him I wanted to remain friends. He's a rare breed and I do hope he finds the love of his life soon.
I actually feel a bit guilty because he used to listen to my heartbreak stories but now that it is his turn to tell me about his own heartbreak story, and I don't even have that much time to listen.

Bringing my friend Gene to Yakson was a brilliant idea, it was like hitting two birds in one stone! I was able to be his best friend again for the day (of course I asked permission from my new bestfriend, my husband) and Gene was able to experience Golki therapy!

Looks like he's enjoying the Back Golki here! hehe

While on our way Gene and I were able to catch up and when we arrived at Yakson, he browsed the catalogue and chose the Back Care Program. He wanted a treatment which will give him a renewed spirit as he was feeling down (his story is of course our secret! hehe..)

Choosing a program :)
I also had an appointment that day but since Director Yumin Kim was the only one who can do the Golki Therapy (she has years of training in Korea), I told her that it's okay if they prioritized my friend first. This is why I was able to take good photos while Gene was having his Back Golki.


The Back Care Program also includes muscle relaxation/massage on the upper part of the body and arms and might end with a mask pack too especially if you want to have a slimmer and smooth back. To know more about this program, visit their website www.yaksonhouse.ph :)

I'm glad Yakson has made him smile even just for a day :)

My friend Gene only paid P1300 for the Back Care Program and he thinks it is very much worth it! I think it was able to ease not only the pain on his back but also the pain in his heart! Hihihi!
Thank you Yakson for the quality service and thank you Gene for being my friend through the years.

For those who are interested to try the Back Care Program you may send a message on Yakson's facebook page but for those who are interested to get to know my friend, he is very much single and available. Drop a comment or send him a message on facebook, Gene Lim. He is half-chinese that's why he has chinky eyes. Hahaha! If you're reading this Gene, please don't get mad it's just for fun! lol.

On my next post, I shall share with you updates regarding my Arm Care Program. Thank you for visiting my page :)

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