Beautiful Arms with Yakson House Makati!

August 07, 2017

Hello dear reader! Better late than never!
I bet you've been waiting for this big reveal regarding the results of my 10 sessions of the Arm Care Program. The thing is, during my last few pamper sessions with Yakson in Makati, I became increasingly anxious.
Will my arms really lose stubborn fats?
It's hard to believe that it will because I only had 10 sessions and since the program is non-invasive/ no surgery or anything. But tadaaaah, my expectations were met!

The result was not drastic but the process was still very much worth it.
Yakson House was able to balance the size of my arms. Before my first session, the right arm was bigger than the left arm. At the end of all 10 sessions, both are the same size.

I think Yakson really does a good job making the face and body look "balanced." Well, it makes perfect sense because balance should be our goal not just for our face and body but for our diet as well!

Indeed, when you choose a natural and healthy way of slimming, there are no shortcuts and quick fixes. It is still the most rewarding way because undergoing the whole process is super enjoyable.


I am satisfied with the result because as you can see from my photos before trying the Arm Care Program, my right arm has cellulite! Gosh!

Will I recommend this program? 
Yes but I think it is better to avail of at least 20 sessions before you can see your desired results.

- It comes with a relaxing back or belly massage
- No side effects

'The CONS?
- It might take 10 or more sessions before you see the effect.

BEST part of this program?
You can just lie down and relax while losing sizes around your arms!

Thank you Yakson House for helping me feel good and confident!
For questions and other inquiries, please send Yakson Makati a message! :)


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